Wunderman 2007-2009

I joined Wunderman at the beginning of the Ford Motor Company European website redesign project. We spent many weeks in workshops with client stakeholders to produce a huge set of prioritised requirements. These were then turned into extremely high fidelity wireframes in Apple Keynote, which really brought them to life for a very visually thinking team of client stakeholders. The project would be based on the Fatwire CMS, so we produced a highly detailed functional specification. When printed on 80gsm A4, this weighed in at 7kg. Our site went live in 23 European markets.

Another shorter project was the production of a set of personas for an eventual redesign of the Land Rover website. The personas were created from reams of customer and market segmentation data provided by Jaguar Land Rover and they do seem to follow the stereotypical Land Rover drivers quite accurately.