What If Innovation 2018-2019

I worked with What If Innovation on an enterprise wide digital transformation and service design project for Williams Lea Tag (now Tag Worldwide) across their creative production and sourcing businesses. Williams Lea Tag had recently been acquired by a third party and an audit revealed their B2C software platforms to be outdated and lacking support for their business processes.

We started off by conducting detailed interviews with account teams and stakeholders to understand the end to end creative production and sourcing processes. Although there were individual variations, we quickly found that the broader process steps were the same across all clients. This was a key insight that even the leadership team were not aware of and one that allowed us to come up with a hugely simplified new candidate service design.

We then presented the proposed process improvements to the Global CEO, regional CEOs and the entire leadership team and as a result were invited to continue to design a new B2C software platform. In order to achieve this, we carried out further research to design a set of detailed personas. Their individual requirements were then sketched, wireframed, played back and finally designed. All in collaboration with the account teams, project stakeholders and internal development teams. The outcome was a set of finished visual designs for a number of key interactions and steps in both the creative production and sourcing processes.