Sky 2014-2016

I initially joined Sky to work on a redesign of the profile and settings area of the self service section of their website. This allows customers to change their personal details, such as phone numbers, email addresses and marketing preferences as well as managing users on their account.

I then worked on Sky’s new online downgrade and cancellation journeys. Previously, customers would have to speak to a customer service representative in order to cancel or downgrade parts of their subscription. These journeys partially replicate the call centre experience, by first asking why a customer want to leave. Then a page tries to persuade them not to leave with content tailored to the reason they gave. If they still persist, they are shown a special offer, only then can they proceed to actually cancel. The online journeys now outperform call centres on metrics such as offer attachment and customer retention.

In my final stint at Sky, I worked with the online shop team. Among the multitude of smaller projects were a number of in-page upgrade journeys. These allow current customers to very quickly upgrade their subscription with things like movie or sports packages. The first of these journeys was designed in a group hack day, which resulted in a working prototype that was later implemented. This new three step process resulted in a huge 50% uplift in conversions for sports packages and a more modest 16.6% uplift in conversions for movies.