Interesource 2003-2005

My first position as a fully fledged Information Architect, projects at Interesource included the London Stock Exchange, the RNID (now Action for Hearing Loss) and Lloyds of London’s Kinnect. The London Stock Exchange had been a long standing client and we were asked to redesign the corporate section of their site.

The Kinnect project was a platform to allow brokers and underwriters to trade risk on the Lloyds of London market, something done to this day using enormous paper folders. The original project foundered, because neither brokers, nor underwriters were consulted. We produced a set of design guidelines after running a series of collaborative workshops in an effort to salvage the project.

The RNID redesign was won on the back of a short expert review of their existing site. We designed a new site that was not only WCAG AAA compliant on paper, but also tested with users of a variety of assistive technologies, such as screen readers and one quadriplegic user who navigated using a breath device.