Equal Experts 2017

I joined Equal Experts to work on a project in partnership with innovation agency WhatIf. The client was Santander, the project, to disrupt the mortgage market. Prior to my joining the project, the team had already run multiple workshops and generated a number of propositions to test further. I was brought in to create prototype interfaces for some of the ideas and to then test them with prospective users. Alongside this, the prototype assets were used by the WhatIf team to support testing of the propositions themselves.

The initial test sessions were conducted in Bristol, to avoid any London bias and to more closely align with Santander’s typical client base. We tested the usefulness of candidate components for a Home Dashboard app by presenting users with each component as a laminated card, asking them to explain what they saw and then grouping and ordering them according to personal preference. The feedback was then used to create an Axure prototype app for further testing.

The user test results were then combined with the proposition test results to make changes to the prototypes and propositions themselves for a further round of testing. The final results were then presented to Santander with a view to developing them into actual products. The entire process was carried out in collaboration with stakeholders from Santander who were selected for their expertise in the specific proposition categories.